Villa lighting at Golf de Pont Royal (13)

Approach and address for perfect timing

Golfers will recognize these terms which are unique to their sport. Indeed we can see some similarities with our vision of garden lighting. Application, know-how and daring to succeed.

We are honored by the trust that this family has placed in us for several years. In order to take advantage of their second home on the Domaine du Golf de Pont Royal, we carried out a study and proposed an intimate garden lighting.

The lighting is divided into 2 zones: An entrance zone with motion detector and a decorative zone.

The total consumption of this project is 78.8 Watt or 0.08 Kwh.

We have added a solar mobile light from the Maiori brand and a sound / light combo light from Kooduu.

Functional lighting with move sensor and decorative outdoor lighting

Follow the light in all circumstances

After a delicate cable passage through the deactivated concrete, we were able to pull 2 networks. One "functional", but moreover aesthetic, switches by bollard movement cell and the other, called decorative, is triggered by an astronomical clock and the customer chooses his time delay to make the most of his evening.

We attach a lot of importance to the IRC (color rendering index) which makes it possible to restore the color of illuminated subjects.

The swimming pool reflects the peaceful ambience

A cosy area by the water

We very often recommend that you enjoy the garden without pool lighting and thus discover your garden as a reflection in the water. “Mirror, mirror, tell me what the most beautiful garden?” I will let you guess.

We work with subtlety, the light points are multiplied in order to have diffused lighting. Our fixtures are often equipped with light sources from 0.5 to 3W and never exceed 5W. We mostly work on low voltage 12V.

The light is not there to be seen but to reveal details, which remained unknown until nightfall.

play of shadow and light

The highlighted stone

Highlighting natural elements remains a priority. We strive to preserve the natural appearance of stone, wood and plants. Until then our customers obscured this wall, now it is highlighted by 3 Miniscopes of 1W each. The consumption / wow effect ratio is guaranteed.

We recommend adding a solar or rechargeable mobile light that you can move around as your evening and your lighting needs change.

Do not forget a little aperitif and above all ... let yourself be lulled by the atmosphere and ENJOY your evening.

L'éclairage de jardin est fait de subtilités

Eclairer une sculpture c'est peut-être un détail pour vous...

Ces subtilités de l'éclairage veulent dire beaucoup pour nous, si nous voulons rester dans l'allusion à Michel BERGER ;-)

En effet, nous devons observer pour mieux éclairer et partager notre ressenti. Il ne suffit pas de placer un éclairage pour éclairer, il faut étudier la forme, la matière de l'objet. Encore une fois nous insistons sur les puissances utilisées car il est important de ne pas surconsommer et garder à l'esprit que l'éclairage de jardin doit rester "eco raisonnable". Pour cette sculpture en bois flotté nous avons utilisé un spot encastré de sol de 0,8W , alors ...? bluffant non ?


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