outdoor highlighting of an hotel villa (Saint-Tropez)

Intimate lighting designed for the holidays

Investing in stone and providing quality services in order to welcome guests on the French Riviera, these 2 partners know how to do it. At the head of a large group, our clients wish to collaborate with committed and passionate professionals who have been able to develop creativity and a niche of activity. Modestly we can recognize ourselves in these few character traits.

This is why we are embarking on offering a landscape design so that we can integrate our lighting into it and provide a technical and aesthetic solution around the swimming pool.

Mission accomplished, we entrust the wood production to a company in the region and we are preparing to illuminate this property 10 minutes from the beaches of Saint-Tropez.

Still using 12v low voltage, we are lighting this garden with an area of approximately 5000m² with only 144.6 Watt or 0.14 Kwh.

65 light points + 27 micro terrace spot for the Milky Way and approximately 300 ml of cable. Each spot is adapted to the subject to be lit (just light).

You see that the numbers do not interest you. You are right, the important thing is the result, the creative approach and always this desire to achieve an "eco reasonable" project #inspiredbynature

Showcase the mason's prowess

the ark of light

We like to dwell on architectural details such as this arch. For many, this is just a passage leading to the garden. Yet this work caused many setbacks to our builders before being mastered.

That’s why we wanted to light it up on its inner side in order to emphasize this curve.

For this we used a ground spot integrated in the wooden crosspiece on the ground. The latter, with a diameter of 6.8 cm, a power of 3W and a luminous efficiency of 86lm / W, perfectly underlines the work.

Play of water and light

Stone pond lighting

Pond lighting is not always easy. However, we advise you to adapt the underwater spot to the environment. We used the SUB of our partner In lite. 3W - 3100 K.

Highlighting a pond highlights the silhouette of the plants and creates plays of light and shadow. If this basin is equipped as here with jets, the effect will be even more alive.

Head in the stars

Creation of a lounge and lighting space

Our landscape designer approach allows us to provide landscaping solutions to our clients. Here we were able to set up a lounge area created by a partner company. The area was flat with access from the basement to the technical room. We have enhanced the area with easy access to the basement with a hatch equipped with gas jacks. In addition, we have integrated planters on each side to dress and delimit the space. Finally, a brazier lounge area has been designed with a line of tailor-made cushions.

This space is illuminated from the ground by a “milky way” or carpet of light (27 LEDs of 1W).

On the soundproofing wall with wood cladding, wall lights were installed to illuminate outdoor paintings.


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