At the foot of the Rocher de Roquebrune

Lighting of a holiday garden

A family home dedicated to holidays, sharing and evenings with friends for unforgettable memories. The client called on a partner specializing in wood and pergola terraces. The latter, used to working with us, offered our garden lighting services.

We present the project to the client after study in the form of an intention note and it emerges once again: "You are enlightened, real artists !!!, I want to see what you are doing ...".

The lighting of this Mediterranean garden can begin.

A big thank you for this trust and welcome to the circle of QUILEX Lighting ambassadors ;-)

We leave the earth for the stars

Lighting of a terrace

The choice of this patio lighting is aesthetic and technical. We wanted to preserve the perspective on the Rock without being hampered by the lighting.

Moreover, this lighting of the wooden terrace provides a very relaxing effect on the lounge area. You are like weightless, your head in the stars, we will say more, you are in the stars. This very soft and relaxing type of patio lighting gives off an intimate atmosphere.

The talent of the builder

Highlighting of the stone walls

What a pleasure to revive this stone building mounted with the stones of the land often extracted to allow cultivation!

4 ground spotlights with a power of 1.5 watt were used at the foot of the wall for grazing lighting with a range of 3m in order to avoid any light pollution while respecting the height of the subject.

Lighting the olive trees at the entrance was obvious in order to guide visitors and gently announce the night garden that is revealed.

Relaxation is obvious

Lighting up the pool beds

2w in total to highlight the interior of the beds and thus invite relaxation. A real place of relaxation made of exotic wood by our partner. We can work upstream with the carpenter and all the bodies of state to anticipate the integration of lighting.

Here we have integrated our 1w Mini scope spotlights after installation.

In order to reinforce the lounge / chill atmosphere, we have added gas teak lanterns (link here)

The softness of the flame is a real plus, much appreciated.

Where does the light come from? Whatever we have a great time!

The right lighting for a patio

We like to work with shadow plays but in this case it is to be avoided. What could be more unpleasant than not seeing what you have on your plate or in your glass?

In this area the lights are suspended and integrated into the trees. The outdoor led spots used are 1w power, the area totals 11w. What should also be remembered is the quality of color reproduction of these luminaires (IRC 93).

A warm and comfortable dining atmosphere guaranteed


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